Doctor Jill

My doctor's office in Antwerp (BE)

My doctor's office in Antwerp (BE)


I'm an enthusiastic, highly experienced Belgian close-to-reality role player.

As a child, surrounded by doctors in my family, I spent numberless hours in their offices and their libraries.
I was fascinated by all those strange instruments and machines, the weird images of diseases but at the same time
not able to understand the language of the text. 

I considered several occupations, such as surgeon or pathologist and even an archaeologist;-)
Thanks to my mums sewing box and a handful of ignorant friends I got the hang of MedFet at the age of 10 and after that it was a journey of no return.
My professional life has worked out somewhat differently but I always kept a keen interest in medical role-play.

I was a fetish surgeon at the famous O.R.R. Belgium (operation room roleplay) owned by the now deceased German “Doctor Steve”.
O.R.R. was such a unique concept that it still has many fans all over the world who regret never having visited it.
After the death of Dr Steve I just kept on practising MedFet in my own modest surgery.

Through a friend I have now access to a very exclusive and private medical facility which allows me to expand and refine my skills, 
together with those patients, who are in need of special, intensive care.
Visiting the private clinic is perfect for long term treatments with everything that a clinic offers,
like a consulting room and operation room, echography, ECG etc.
Please mail me for further inquiries.

If you don't need an echo or ECG you are most welcome in my doctors office in Antwerp (BE) for a variety of treatments.
Appointments of 1 hour or longer can be booked.

My skills are:

General physical examination:

Anamnesis with attention to specific problems
Length, weight, BMI.
ENT examination.
Audio -visual tests.
Mouth and teeth inspection.
Neurological tests. Reflex tests.
Lung function measurement.
Blood pressure measurement.
Musculoskeletal/joint exams.
Dermatologic examination.
Abdominal, cardiac and pulmonary exams.
Glucose test. Oxygen saturation.
Urine example + test strip.
Temperature measuring rectal.
Rectal exam to check the prostate.
Clinical check of the genitals.
Gynaecological examination.
If needed: shaving.
If required: semen extraction.

Additional more invasive treatments :

Dilation of the urethra and meatus.
Bladder irrigation and draining.
Bladder training. Fluid management.
Pelvic floor relaxation and re education.
Colon irrigation, enema.
Proctological examination.
Prostate exam and stimulation.
Anal dilation.
Injection and infusion with saline solution.
Operations and anaesthesia simulation.
Vacuum and cupping therapy.
Electro stimulation.
Acupuncture. Needles.
Skin stapling. Suturing.
Superficial incisions.
Orthopedic casting. Orthopedic devices.
Medical restraint.
Cosmetic and temporary TG modification.
And more, just ask ;-)


There is zero tolerance in my surgery for any legal or illegal drugs and medication that has influence on your consciousness or general well being.
I don’t administer real anaesthesia.
All surgical procedures are simulations.