the Studio

The Cellar is discreetly located in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Antwerp, Belgium, which is famous for its modernist architecture.
The studio has a spacious BDSM dungeon with air conditioning, plus a medical room, bathroom and toilet.



Whipping bench with leg supports, inversion Saint Andrews cross, wooden horsebondage post, Mr B sling with 5 fastening points, 6 manual hoists,2 electric hoists, steel bondage frame,  Fetters sit sling,  Fetters hanging cage,  a hanging bondage chair with leg spreaders,  a bondage chair with built in fucking machine,  bottle cap benches,  long bondage bench,  a long suspension bar, bondage head and wrists board, a metal frame with a mirror ceiling, inflatable latex bodybag, leather bodybag, latex vacuum bed, spanking machine, cage and much more.

 Toys and implements

I have collected numerous toys over 30 years, so there are far too many to list.
Allow me to give you a few examples.


Flexible sounds, stainless steel sounds, bended sounds, glass sounds, silicon sounds, estim sounds, vibrating sounds, ribbed sounds,
inflatable sounds, hollow sounds, catheter sound, Rosebud sounds, Hegar sounds, Van Buren sounds, penis plugs, urethra spreaders ...


7 control units  Erostek, Folsom, E-stim Systems, Mystim.
Violet Wand. Cattle Prod. E-stim Zeus vibrator. Over 100 accessories.
pads, straps, sounds, penis plugs, anal plugs, anal hooks, clamps, crushers, penis and ball boards,  parachute,
 penis sleeves, vacuum cups, humbler, balls shield, pin wheels, gloves, whip, sandals, ...


Ball gags, inflatable gags, butterfly gags, ball gags with holes, spider gags, o-ring, double o-ring, horse bit, penis gags, gags with head straps,
leather gags, latex gags, anatomic mouth gag, mouth spreaders, lip spreaders, tongue gags, dental spreaders, mouth hooks, lips crusher, ...


Lover of skin perforation?

Catheter needles , butterfly needles, acupuncture needles, intradermal needles, injection needles, piercing needles,
diabetes needles , dental needles, sterilized inox nails, stainless steel hooks, suspension hooks,
barbell piercing, ring piercing, stretchers for piercing, surgical staples, silk and nylon surgical sutures.

If you still have any doubts if I have the right toys to fulfill your fantasy then contact me.
I will be pleased to answer your questions.

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