Mistress Jill

My visitors often describe me as warm, empathic, creative, enthusiastic and intelligent.
Others call me down to earth, open-minded, unconventional, a no nonsense woman of integrity.
A highly motivated and versatile professional with a sophisticated sense of humour.

 Well…it would be a bit foolish to be disagree wouldn't it? ;-)
I am surprisingly very rarely described as dominant. Even though this may surprise some people,
I take that as a big compliment because it means that my sessions are more a connection of
two like minded adults rather than a classic Dom/sub relationship.
But leadership, on the other hand, I possess in abundance.



In my early years I was the mascot of “The Boots” Antwerp the oldest gay SM club,
A board member of “Doornroosje” the first Belgian BDSM organisation,
co-founder of “J&G club” the first Belgian BDSM club
and involved in the startup of the”Fetish Café” in Antwerp the first BDSM pub.
I have been a fetish surgeon at “O.R.R”, the only fetish clinic in Belgium that however no longer exists.

 In my early twenties I discovered the world of BDSM with an insatiable appetite and fascination. For years I experienced intense,
poignant moments with a wide variety of fascinating people. At a play party I was approached by a Pro-Domme who was looking for a colleague.
I was surprised and was faced with a dilemma. I just had found a fine employer after 5 years of higher education, 
but was I prepared to give this up for my real passion? Could I change my, at that stage, negative image of professional mistresses?

I decided to rely on my intuition, it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I started as a Pro-Domme in Breda on "Le Bateau".
A year later I moved to "Studio Mal" in Stekene. After that, I was active for many years at "Salon Mechant" in Antwerp, until I decided to start my own studio.
"The Cellar" was born, an industrial loft of 250 m2 next to the Hessenhuis in Antwerp. Unfortunately after 9 years the landlord died and the property was sold. Together with Shane, who faced the same issue with her landlord, we first found a new home in Aartselaar before
we moved to Antwerp where we worked together for many years until she emigrated to NY in 2017.
I founded my new studio in Antwerp with its full equipped BDSM dungeon and medical consulting room.

 I have 30 years of experience, of which 25 years have been as a Pro-Domme. 
And still addicted :-)


Many thanks to my twitter friend WannaBeB for revising my English text.